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11 Flash games, preserved!

Posted by Zanzlanz - January 16th, 2021


Over the past 4 years I've been working on a tiny game engine in Haxe, and using it to preserve my Flash games.

On Newgrounds, you can find 11 Flash games faithfully ported to HTML5 -- medals and leaderboards intact!

And now, my games are available for Windows in Zanzlanz's Collector's Bundle!

This is a collection of 11 games, with a launcher that tracks all 100 achievements:

When you get all 100 achievements, you land a spot on the winners leaderboard.

The first 10 people to do so are auto-congratulated on my Twitter. :D

I hope you like achievement hunting!

Have fun and GOOD LUCK! :D

- Zanz




Comments (6)

Whoa, sweet! I know you've been working on the game engine for quite awhile now, how long did it take in total?

Hey Gimmick, thanks!

I started the engine in August 2017.
One year later it was ready to start porting games with. So I ported 5 games at the end of 2018. 2019 was a slower year due to other projects.
In 2020, I recruited my buddy @GhostID to help port another 6 games, while I made significant updates to the engine and used it to work on my biggest port, Mine Blocks.

So, around 3 years of casually working on it around other projects?

Nice! I'm surprised it took only a year to build a fully functional engine, that must've been a lot of work!

Between devs I normally like to call it a library because otherwise it might be compared to something like Unity!

But I think it's crazy how quickly it took shape too - I didn't really know anything about OpenGL at the time, and while it was still super underdeveloped/slow in 2018, it was certainly usable enough to build from!

To put it another way, what I created is comparable to maybe something like ThreeJS? With specific support for drawing lots of quads.

The cross-platform stuff like OpenGL bindings, resource loading, basic audio playing, and event reporting (mouse, keyboard, etc) is provided by the Lime library (which OpenFL is build on too). Otherwise I'd have to write native code to implement literally everything in each platform, which sounds wAY TOo tedious haha!

It was a ton of work, but I'm glad it was the more fun part of making an engine, versus the tedious stuff.

This is really cool, I wish I had the dedication to do this with all my old games!

Hey thanks man!

It is definitely more tedious to work with games that use a lot of MovieClips and timeline features (I have to deal with that on my main project right now). This bundle includes games that almost exclusively used BitmapData, so it wasn't too bad thankfully! :)

If they aren't already, I imagine a lot of your older games will end up supported by Ruffle, right? That would make things easier for you, I'd hope!

@BoMToons @Zanzlanz Yeah, the majority of my old games run well on Ruffle, just not the newest batch.

That's a pretty good deal, all in all! I have a handful of big WIPs and demos that I will have to recreate at this point, so I feel that.

Just curious, do you have any plans to address those newer games at this point, or are you mainly putting that energy on the next big things instead?

@BoMToons @Zanzlanz I believe Ruffle will get to perfect emulation eventually, so I'm not putting effort into preservation via other means. I might do HD revamps of some of my older stuff though.

I think you're right - Ruffle's contributors are doing amazing work, and there's certainly a huge demand for it. It's just such a long term project haha.

I'm sure people would love some revamped classics!

I'm working on a similar collection for my old games - they're gonna keep running in Flash though. The main updates are quality-of-life features that should have been in the games all along, and removal of copyrighted stuff. :P

That's fantastic! I love that the end of Flash has nudged creators to breathe new life into their old work in creative ways.

The quality-of-life stuff is always great. What kind of things are you considering QoL?

In my bundle, I made sure all games could be fullscreened and muted, and I fixed plenty of annoyances/bugs. I feel like I could have gone further and fixed minor typos, for example, but I didn't want to cross the point of being unfaithful of the original work.