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This is fantastic! My roommate and I loved the animation, we had a laugh and definitely were left impressed :)

You did an insanely good job bringing the scene to life in the same style of the show. The movements and expressions were definitely spot on - it seems you spent a lot of time making sure of it (I saw your rigs and stuff! Very impressive work!!). I love the little references you hid in the wonderfully drawn backgrounds, which gave a (purposely long-drawn) conversation some extra entertainment value.

I think the only thing I'd really recommend improving is the lip sync. You can shift the weight of when the mouth changes to give certain moments better impact, since speech has a sort of swing to it. It felt slightly off in a lot of parts throughout the animation.

BUT hey the quality you managed to reach as a side project is too impressive for me to even want to nitpick it. :D

(Someone said you got a job at Adult Swim below?? That's insane! And very well deserved. Your attention to detail alone for this fan animation allows you to stand out)

tiarawhy responds:

Lipsync is something I'll keep working on, really haven't had much work on that as I'd like, thanks!

HA well done man! It's a cute little story. Top notch animation and audio :D

Hey super well done with this! You really stayed true to Alan's style. I guess it helps to learn from the legend himself! :)

Your animation was really well timed, and the ideas worked well together. You have the principals down pretty well, I think. In particular, I really loved your use of the subscriber count for the ammo, haha. That was awesome!
I also thought the audio was fine, mostly because that's how Alan's original videos sounded. It just made it fit that much better alongside the collection. Check your audio export settings in Flash though, because I think people would receive it better if at least the music was clear. No worries.

Anyway, if you practice more with blocking out animations (like the walk animation) and paid attention to fine details within the animation style, you'll be all set for your future projects and studies!

Keep up the awesome work! :D (As a side note, the link got me good - it's been a while haha!)

awesomea900 responds:

Many thanks! i will try to get better.

lol sorry that i got you with the link, thanks for being a good sport.

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Out of absolutely nowhere, I had suddenly remembered this game. After 8 years! How weird.
It actually took me a while to find it again, but thankfully the game was tagged "gems" haha.

This is a really nice puzzle game! Very moody, unique, and challenging. And I appreciated its length.

Also I must say I love that 3D logo effect in the credits :)

I realize the company went out of business. I'm really sorry to hear that happened, but I hope you guys are still being productive on your own, and staying well. Take care!

This is a fantastic little puzzle game! I like the mechanics and how it gets progressively more difficult with all the new complex rules added every few levels. Very well done!

One thing I thought could be improved is the mistake system. I think it could be replaced with a hint system (or "check progress" button that will tell how many mistakes you made) while retaining the same intentions you had for it. This is mostly because I've accidentally clicked a few times when I didn't mean to, and got solutions (or penalized) unintentionally. I also would like to click buttons to try them out without having the intention for them to be final answers, but that's not possible with the mistake system you have. It's just a minor preference worth mentioning :)

Also I'm very curious on how you generated levels based on the art. Did you create a program to help you out with that? That stuff is really interesting to me. If you did it manually, then I'm equally impressed. Either way, the levels were really clever and challenging, and I'm having a great time playing through! :D

Huh, you didn't post it on Ludum Dare Jam! You would have gotten more people to listen to your message. I thought the mood was really good: You set the stage well and allowed your message to be the focus of the game. :)

That being said, polish can never be understated. Even if your point is only to say something to the viewer, the viewer will be way more likely to listen if they feel immersed without distractions from clunky physics and such.

It's good though! I hope more people understand it for you!

WiLD11 responds:

Thank ye Zanz! Love your work ^_^

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Incredible composition skills! The feel you brought out in this is very positive and enjoyable, which was definitely helped by your use of various instruments to tell a unique melodic story.

Also, I can't help but love your tagged inspirations for this - great musical references that make for a cool emotional combination!
(Edit: and if they're not "inspirations", then hey that is all to say I love your style!)

Well done!

mrcoolisimo responds:

Yes they are all inspirations! The intro theme from Phantom Thread, the waltz from the cat returns, and several themes form How To Train Your Dragon 2 and 3.

Thank you for the feedback!

WOAH that got super cool as it went on; didn't expect that dark section in the middle at all haha. Love the basses, and how the drums nicely compliment the arrangement of the track.

Glad you overcame the creative hurdle to make this happen. You should definitely be happy with it :)

DetiousMusic responds:

Thanks my dude! That section is honestly my favorite part. ;P

Yeah man, it's definitely been hard lately, I appreciate the kind words!

Hey this is neat! The arrangement is a lot of fun.
The mood's well set with the gritty basses/horns, deep piano, and impactful drums. And then as it progresses, I love how the various sounds and synths talk to each other.
Great submission dude!

ConnorGrail responds:

Thanks! Happy to hear the comment about the elements interacting, one of my favourite things to do is combine tons of things in different ways.

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Wow, well done! I always really love the secondary motion in your gifs.
It's cool to see your process too.

I really like it! The colors are great imo, and the style change in the water really adds a lot to it.

Great work! Happy Pixel Day!! :)

artistofargoth responds:

Thank you. This one was really fun to do.

Oh hey what! We're twins - born on the same day! Happy birthday man!
Your art is fantastic and always has great character/stylization to it.

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