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This is so impressively well done! Again!

I love your animation skills and art style so much, and the well-composed and well-integrated 3D elements ramping up to the final scenes really blew me away. In my opinion, the story telling has perfect pacing too - I felt engaged and connected all the way through. The audio helped complement that with just the right mood and energy throughout.

So, major kudos to you and the team for pulling together this really neat experience.

Also, I feel our hero deserves a woop! Send a woop from me, if it counts :)

This is fantastic! My roommate and I loved the animation, we had a laugh and definitely were left impressed :)

You did an insanely good job bringing the scene to life in the same style of the show. The movements and expressions were definitely spot on - it seems you spent a lot of time making sure of it (I saw your rigs and stuff! Very impressive work!!). I love the little references you hid in the wonderfully drawn backgrounds, which gave a (purposely long-drawn) conversation some extra entertainment value.

I think the only thing I'd really recommend improving is the lip sync. You can shift the weight of when the mouth changes to give certain moments better impact, since speech has a sort of swing to it. It felt slightly off in a lot of parts throughout the animation.

BUT hey the quality you managed to reach as a side project is too impressive for me to even want to nitpick it. :D

(Someone said you got a job at Adult Swim below?? That's insane! And very well deserved. Your attention to detail alone for this fan animation allows you to stand out)

tiarawhy responds:

Lipsync is something I'll keep working on, really haven't had much work on that as I'd like, thanks!

HA well done man! It's a cute little story. Top notch animation and audio :D

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Holy moly played a few rounds every day for a week now and FINALLY got the minute achievement... by 14 milliseconds! Made it by a pixel or two there lol, my poor heart.

But gosh, what an excellent little game this is! It's such a loveable gimmick and everything feels nicely polished - every asset compliments the gameplay and such. The music somehow never gets old, and I especially love how it slows down for the menu. All super great, you always impress me.

My only issue with the game is how it just ramps up way too fast after 40 seconds - it's my favorite difficulty in the game, but so quickly it switches to a game of RNG. I would honestly love to see it kind of plateau at a difficulty around there, to balance the exhilaration with fairness.

All and all, a wheely killer game!

Also, I've no idea about that last mystery achievement. Is it possible to guess? Haha
Edit: Okay, I investigated a winner's profile and deduced how to get it from the badge icon. I feel like I shouldn't be able to see that. Oh well!

Out of absolutely nowhere, I had suddenly remembered this game. After 8 years! How weird.
It actually took me a while to find it again, but thankfully the game was tagged "gems" haha.

This is a really nice puzzle game! Very moody, unique, and challenging. And I appreciated its length.

Also I must say I love that 3D logo effect in the credits :)

I realize the company went out of business. I'm really sorry to hear that happened, but I hope you guys are still being productive on your own, and staying well. Take care!

This is a fantastic little puzzle game! I like the mechanics and how it gets progressively more difficult with all the new complex rules added every few levels. Very well done!

One thing I thought could be improved is the mistake system. I think it could be replaced with a hint system (or "check progress" button that will tell how many mistakes you made) while retaining the same intentions you had for it. This is mostly because I've accidentally clicked a few times when I didn't mean to, and got solutions (or penalized) unintentionally. I also would like to click buttons to try them out without having the intention for them to be final answers, but that's not possible with the mistake system you have. It's just a minor preference worth mentioning :)

Also I'm very curious on how you generated levels based on the art. Did you create a program to help you out with that? That stuff is really interesting to me. If you did it manually, then I'm equally impressed. Either way, the levels were really clever and challenging, and I'm having a great time playing through! :D

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This makes me much more appreciate those really generic/unhelpful comments devs get that are like "add more weapons," because at least that still gives devs the creative power, versus having to battle the idea of just absorbing player suggestions.

Great podcast! What an amazing group of folks.

Hey good job! I'm in your tags for some reason, so I guess I should leave a review lol.

The song structure is good and fits what you'd expect from the genre. The build up works well especially because the sub comes in afterwards. Very nice! There are some really heavy note conflicts as the new melody comes in the break. I like what you're trying to do, but it's hard to listen past that. In your recent tracks, there aren't really any note conflicts like this, so you've improved a lot since this track! I appreciate how the second drop has more energy than the first though, so again you're good at keeping structure.

I hope the review helps! Keep up the great work!

Incredible composition skills! The feel you brought out in this is very positive and enjoyable, which was definitely helped by your use of various instruments to tell a unique melodic story.

Also, I can't help but love your tagged inspirations for this - great musical references that make for a cool emotional combination!
(Edit: and if they're not "inspirations", then hey that is all to say I love your style!)

Well done!

mrcoolisimo responds:

Yes they are all inspirations! The intro theme from Phantom Thread, the waltz from the cat returns, and several themes form How To Train Your Dragon 2 and 3.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Nice, an eel cop! Now that's a unique combo. What time do I tune in on TV to watch his show?

I have to echo the others - I love the lighting too, works really well thematically!

Oh my goodness Crystal this is so adorable :D I love your addition of the BEANS haha <3 🐾
How did you make an animation? I haven't seen that from you before :)

Crystal-1534 responds:

Glad you like it! It was fun to do, and it's the first time I've done something like this :) The background and table are not white but I like it better that way.

I made it in Paint Tool Sai. I don't know what is the right way to "animate". Anyway.

This year I want to do more stuff like this ;D

*bark* https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/undertale/images/1/16/Doggo_battle_pet.gif

Heyy another really great piece!

I like the parchmenty feel you have going on here. It makes it feel like someone is out on the field documenting these rare critters on a sketchbook. The partially monochromatic palette adds to that a lot imo. Plus, that gold+black+blue combo is super royal - perfect for this royal rhinobeetledragon!

Also, nice ant-for-scale ;)
Good night!

ArtDeepMind responds:

Another great feedback from you, thank you very much, I can tell you really see my intentions with these.

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