Entry #1

Mine Blocks

2011-10-18 18:16:10 by Zanzlanz

Anyone like Minecraft?

But is anyone not able to actually get an account? Or you want to try something new? Are you interested?

Well, I've been making a Minecraft game in AS2. Wanna play?

Click here to play!

Mine Blocks


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2011-10-24 02:55:45

cool pretty much terraria but nice work :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Eh, I'd say it's 30% Terraria. Thanks!


2011-10-24 15:37:06


(Updated ) Zanzlanz responds:



2011-12-03 20:28:55

what are the dev. ctrls for?
actually, that's too obvious and stupid a question...
how can players use it?

Zanzlanz responds:

Well it's only for my use, really, so I can test out glitches faster.
But if I were to give out a pass code for it, it's really quite simple. All it is really is spawn control, item give, weather, and time control. It's extremely helpful for me, but would just influence cheating if I gave it to everyone.
But eventually I'll have creative mode, and mod support. I'm looking forward to that time :)


2011-12-10 11:08:16

cara esse jogo é muito maneiro!!!! mais como faz a pedra do portal????

Zanzlanz responds:

Muito obrigado! Você quer saber como fazer um portal?
Tente assistir a este video: www.youtu.be/bfBxGl0QL2Q
(E desculpa se a tradução não funcionou muito bem!)


2012-01-08 08:12:04

Hey I developer and i create crafted block 1.0

It's indev

Please help me
I will give developer control (if I can create)
Source file

Zanzlanz responds:

I saw it, Prana, and I thought you did a pretty good job so far :)
I can't help you with that project though, since it was me who started it in the first place (on my YouTube tutorial). I have to leave it up to you to make :)