Mine Blocks is Getting Resubmitted

2012-01-09 06:13:05 by Zanzlanz

Hello everyone!

Mine Blocks. 2D Minecraft in Flash.

Well I WAS going to delete Mine Blocks from Newgrounds and re-upload it, since there were so many improvements, but I guess I'll just keep it as it is. The only thing I'm losing out on is a trophy. Oh well!



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2012-01-14 18:42:58

this is great ps: your website thing dose not work whenever i try to get on it says that you have used to much data thing bur it is a fun game

Zanzlanz responds:

I know don't remind me. My host is being evil right now - they won't respond!

Try playing here, if you can: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/it em/06ba5b95684c3bb1a7dd50d8a8e1e7 64


2012-01-14 23:33:56

1.19_7 ?

Zanzlanz responds:

1.19_7 is correct


2012-01-26 16:58:47

yes beds can you make the player go on the bed and a speshal efekt when useing one plz

Zanzlanz responds:

Oh you mean the fading screen that Minecraft has.
That'll be in a future update for sure.


2012-02-22 20:51:20

Lookin' great, zanz!~

It's been WAY faster ever since the last version! The graphics are WAY better as well! Hope you win a trophy when you submit it on NG!

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you very much!

It doesn't seem like they're letting me delete it for some reason...? I contacted them, and they said "Sure we'll delete it" but they never did.

Oh well I guess I can't complain much.


2012-02-29 20:43:15

FROM MY COMMENT ON MINEBLOCKS: well. that might've been the best 2d minecraft id ever seen. oh yeah. try adding bedrock. its at the bottom of the earth and its INDESTRUCTABLE. also. you need to make sure the game saves im not saying that needs serious improvements, im just sayin that its awesome and make people get confused on witch one their playing XP

(Updated ) Zanzlanz responds:

Hey there and thanks!
Bedrock already is in the worlds...
You're right that I do need to make the world name changeable! :)


2012-03-07 10:38:40

Actually you can't delete projects as it is a redesign bug. Just resubmit it under something like "Mineblocks V2". You get +1 flash, +1 trophy (possibly) and will let users use the old one for nostalgia sakes.

Zanzlanz responds:

Mine Blocks 2 is actually a different project I'm working on :)
I'm just going to keep it on where it is. It isn't doing too much harm.


2012-03-12 20:50:35

oh yeah, mineblocks hint: try adding armour, and i forgot what else, ill comment later on what i forgot [] []

Zanzlanz responds:

I already have it started for 1.21 :)


2012-03-16 17:45:01

oh yeah, it was a choice of skin you could have like skincraft.

Zanzlanz responds:

I can't do that on Mine Blocks.
I will for Mine Blocks 2 though :)


2012-04-22 10:46:48

HEY!!!U NO LODE BAR!btw im bettah at minecraft than you!!!

Zanzlanz responds:

Totally :3