Mine Blocks 1.21 released!

2012-05-17 19:22:08 by Zanzlanz


Hi everyone!

Finally, after months of waiting, Mine Blocks has finally been updated to 1.21!
You have to make sure that your browser is playing the most recent version. If it still says 1.20, refresh the browser. If it STILL says it, clear your internet history (It will remove the old game file so you can play the new one).

So what's new?

Well the best part of this update is the armor! Everyone was asking for it, and here it is! You can finally use up all that armor you've been storing in your chests.

There were MANY bug fixes and lag fixes too. You will notice that obsidian is properly being generated now! Just pour water on top.

Not just obsidian is working again, but so is lava! Lava now will generate in the nether again!

Also there are backdrops too! Although they can be a pain to work around, they can make your house have a nice ambient feel to it.

Along with backdrops, there is a new function for sticks: platforms! They work very much like ladders, but you can't fall down them!

Oh no! If you get stuck in a wall, you'll suffocate now! Be careful! Fortunately though, it shouldn't happen very much, because the ladder glitch is fixed too.

Have you ever been peacefully playing, when all of a sudden: ZZHSSSZZZSSSHHZZHSHSSSZZ!!!
Well if so, you know exactly what I mean. Well luckily for you, rain does not create this terrifying sound anymore. YAY!

Sorry, but seed numbers still do not function properly. I'm working to fix this for the next update.

Hope you enjoy this update! If you find a bug/glitch, don't hesitate to PM me about it!

- Zanzlanz

P.S. And watch out for flaming chickens. Seriously. And be prepared if you see one.

Mine Blocks 1.21 released!


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2012-05-18 19:54:07

needs more gems and dirt bikes

Zanzlanz responds:

Dirt bikes doesn't make much sense, but gems does :)


2012-05-20 11:39:01

The guy below then it wouldnt be like minecraft >_>

Zanzlanz responds:

Well it would be like Minecraft... but more... :)


2012-05-21 16:21:18

I like it its fun with armor.P.S. Actually make 1/8 heart off for diamond armor 1/4 heart off for iron 1/9 heart off for gold but small duriablity 1/2 heart off for leather.
Another thing Allow netherack to be burnt :P because in the minecraft it burns infinity and I want to make a decorative bbq

Zanzlanz responds:

Yeah I know it's a glitch I meant to fix. When I changed the way blocks burnt I forgot to add Netherrack to the burnable resources :)
I'll fix that soon (When I'm in the mood!)


2012-05-22 15:39:56

When I was mining I found that block i noticed my inventory was full

I accidently stood on that block while trying to throw the stuff away but it was gone

Zanzlanz responds:

Aw no!!! :C


2012-05-22 21:06:57

Im just giving you ideas

Zanzlanz responds:

Try and give them in a single e-mail, rather than 5 comments.
It's just very hard to add unique blocks and items to Mine Blocks. That's why there are missing features, not because I don't know about them :)
I'll try my best to fix redstone and add new redstone elements (Like the repeater).
Trapdoors are planned (I think) :)
Stairs, half blocks, and other strangely-shaped objects are not planned for Mine Blocks because the engine was not set up for that. It's a let-down, I know, but I can't do much about it :(
Boats, Minecarts and rails, dispensers, paintings, skeletons, slimes, sticky pistons, bones and bone meal, are all planned too, but it'll be a while before they're finished.
I know of netherrack not burning - it was a glitch in the new update due to the new fire engine. In the next update, I'll fix it :)
Um... anything else I missed? :)


2012-05-25 18:42:48

Sorry About all the comments I kept thinking of other ideas ):

Zanzlanz responds:

It's fine :)


2012-06-20 14:29:31

Thanks! :D

Zanzlanz responds:

: D


2012-09-28 13:20:42

u should make minecarts and boats gasts in the nether sattles 4 pigs

Zanzlanz responds:

I should :D