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1000 fans!

Posted by Zanzlanz - January 30th, 2014


Guys!! The 1000 Newgrounds fan milestone has been achieved! Whoohoo! *Throws confetti*

This is a great opportunity for me thank you all so much for being my fans and followers! I am seriously super thankful for your support and your feedback! I am often inspired and encouraged by you guys to improve my abilities and make more awesome stuff! :D

Here's some information on what I've been up to lately:

What's going on with Mine Blocks?

Mine Blocks was put on hold for a while to make room in my schedule for Mine Blocks 2. But now I've been working on it again! I've added a really exciting feature that you guys have been requesting for ages... and I'm dieing to release it! xD We're getting closer to an update, but there's still a lot of stuff to organise first. :)

What's going on with Mine Blocks 2?

Mine Blocks 2 seemed to be going smoothly, but I've run into a lot of small issues that make it practically impossible for me to continue smoothly. I've been attempting to learn C++ these past few days, but it's extremely frustrating. If I can't push myself to learn C++, I might try Java. Bleh, it just stresses me out. I'll try to take it easy for a while. ;\ I just don't like seeing that April Fools update the last thing live, and I just feel really bad for not being able to keep up with it :C

Secret Box - SpongeBob remix - Listen!

If you're a SpongeBob fan, you might like that 'dubstep' remix of a classic SpongeBob episode. If you're not a SpongeBob fan, it probably won't make much sense, but you might like it anyway. :3


Well ZanzCode is a project I've been working on. It's going okay! I can't wait to make some good progress in it. ;)

What else is going on?

- Well next month is FAWM - February Album Writing Month! I might try it out if I have enough time. Making 14 tracks in 28 days sounds enticing, but I don't know if I can manage it at my level. We'll see! x)

- Also, I'm still extremely interested in a Convey sequel, and I have a great concept for it that I want to start working on soon. Again, your feedback is really encouraging and I definitely want to keep giving you guys more of what you enjoy playing ;D

- The concept for a Str1ngle sequel will need some thought before I'm going to start it. I have a lot of work on my plate, and starting ANOTHER new project right now will be a bad idea.

- School. xD

Welp that about sums it up! Thanks again everyone! You guys really rock!!


Comments (9)

1000? Holy hell thats great

No wait make that 1001

Hahaha thank you too, Wegra! ;D

this is quite the impressive feat, zanzlanz! cheers!

Why thank you FRAYDO! Love and peace to you, hehe (:

Congrats! Here's to another 9000 more fans.

Thanks, man! :D!

1,001 - a gaming odyssey! You earned every single fan, congrats!

Oh, say, next game you release, can you add a quality button? Last time I played Convey, it nearly crashed my pathetic system.

It honestly makes me think Newgrounds is more popular than Twitter! Haha, thank you for being an awesome follower VicariousE ;D
Yeah I'd always love to add quality! I never thought Convey would run slow O_o Sorry about that!

you mean 1002 fans, also congrats

I do have a little mini-celebration for every fan! It's not just the number, but the fact that everyone clicked that <3 button for me! It's insane! Thank you!

awesome :D
+1 :3

Hehe aww thanks! :D
*confetti thrown again*

Ur welcome for the support bud! I never get to talk cuz I never see u online. 1,007 fans thats alot!!!!!!

Ur welcome!

YEA NO KIDDING!!1five!1!!!
You're awesome too Paulie880! xD

1 five? LOLZ


Could You Help Me Make Flash Games? All I Can Do Is Animate

You can do it! There's a fantastic community in the forums here if you have questions.

Good resources include: (Google), the Adobe Actionscript Reference (I usually just find it through Google, haha), Stack Overflow, and of course, Google.

Start simple; learn the very basics. Spend a lot of time on it. Be creative and believe in yourself!

I have a few old simple AS2 tutorials on my YouTube channel if you're interested: