Mine Blocks 1.28!

2016-10-08 11:53:25 by Zanzlanz

The Mine Blocks 1.28 update has released!

Check out the update video below, or read the full changelog! There's lots of new stuff, I hope you like it!

Play Mine Blocks on Newgrounds!

Hope you enjoy!! :D
- Zanz


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2016-10-08 12:56:42

Good stuff!

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey thanks! :D


2016-10-08 13:09:54

YAY!!!!!! I WISH THERE WAS MINEBLOCKS 1.30 in 2 years!

Zanzlanz responds:

I think it'll be sooner than that :D!


2016-10-09 04:50:20

Oh! what seed is in that world?

Zanzlanz responds:

:D To generate the world I used the seed: 1.28


2016-11-06 22:04:44

What, are you still updating the game?!

Zanzlanz responds:

Yes, always! :D


2016-11-06 22:31:05

Woah, I remember playing this game three years ago, I think I even talked to you back then. I've been looking your website and it looks very cool. But anyways, awesome work!

Zanzlanz responds:

Wow 3 years! The game has definitely improved a lot since then.
Thank you very much for checking out my stuff! It's always really nice to hear from people who used to play back in the day, haha :]


2016-11-07 11:09:01

But you told me that you were going to work in Mine Blocks 2 back then, and develop it using AS3. Have you rewrite Mine Blocks' code to AS3 or something? Or you keep working in AS2?

Zanzlanz responds:

Mine Blocks 1 was converted to AS3 last year, and released last November. (http://zanz.net/n/61)

I haven't worked on Mine Blocks 2 much, but the current version online has infinite worlds, dynamic lighting, crafting, and saving/loading. :] (http://zanz.net/n/56)


2016-11-07 11:38:00

Damn it looks good! The dynamic lighting is impressive, as well as the infinite worlds. I wonder how much does that impact in performance, at least in the browser. How did you deal with it?

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks a ton man! Mine Blocks 2 runs on bitmapData rendering, instead of MovieClips (like in Mine Blocks 1), so I'm able to do some fancy things like caching the chunks, so I don't have to render them unless they're updated. For infinite worlds, it just loads and unloads pieces of the world to a file, and generates new pieces of land while you're walking to them. :D

Being in-browser doesn't really affect its performance much, unless you have a bunch of other scripts running (like YouTube videos or something). Otherwise, Flash handles memory and performance pretty well on most computers without worries.


2017-01-01 03:37:16

So cooooooooolllllll!!!!!
I dont have the achievements cause i play the game on zanzlanz.com

Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks!! Also thanks for playing on my website <3
I think you can save your world file, load it into Newgrounds, and once you open your inventory you should get all the medals from that world :) Give it a try!