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I'm User of the Day! (Project updates and plans!)

Posted by Zanzlanz - August 28th, 2021

G-bot let me know I'm user of the day today! :D WOO!!

What an awesome early birthday present (it's on Friday)!


I wanted to take this opportunity to update on everything - what I do, what I'm up to, and why I haven't released another game on Newgrounds in 6 years... yet.

What's been up?

So I've been working on my ol' 2D Minecraft fan game for over 10 years now! Check out my previous post about its 10 year anniversary.

The past 2 years I've been recreating the whole game in HTML5 so it can be played in browsers again. And currently I'm at 92% done! It's literally ~42000 lines of code right now. But it's really close - I'm just working on the pause and main menus.


Before then, I also recreated 11 of my other Flash games for HTML5, ALL of which are now available on Newgrounds again! I organized them in a Newgrounds playlist. Plus, I actually released it as a desktop bundle. If collecting achievements interests you, check out the other post about that!


Plus, since my 6-year "haitus" here, I've actually published 2 albums worth of music. Here's the most recent one.

So I have been quite active really, just in a different way than some may be used to!

What's next?

First, I'm still chugging along on the Mine Blocks port. I've been releasing weekly Friday updates consistently for 41 weeks straight on the Beta site. Very soon it'll be done, Mine Blocks will be back on Newgrounds, and I'll be working on big updates again!

Secondly, I have a bunch of new and old projects waiting for me. They need to be converted to HTML5 as well though, so that's why I haven't talked much about them lately. A good number of them will be on Newgrounds some day!

Here's an incomplete list of the first 5 that come to mind:

  1. Spike Tower (website)
  2. Frisbio (website)
  3. Fynnland (website)
  4. Lab Lights 2 (indiedb)
  5. Mine Blocks 2 (indiedb)


Once the Mine Blocks port is done, I'll be working on all of this stuff. Mine Blocks 2 first, then Spike Tower, Frisbio, Fynnland, etc. It'll be great!

I'm really excited to get back to sharing new games - it's been so long, and these projects aren't mere weekend projects anymore (to be honest, I've been burned out of jamming for while - I'd rather keep focused on the above instead)! That said, I do have a full-time job as a QA Developer, so I can only go so fast with my personal projects.

Also, as for music - as always, I am just noodling around, but there is no releases set in stone right now. Been trying to poke away at some nearly-finished stuff, but it's one of those things that just happens when it's meant to happen (i.e. when I'm procrastinating on other projects). ^^


Alright that's good enough for now! Hey I hope you like my profile and consider following along with my journey! I appreciate you reading through this update post <3

Have a fantastic day!

- Zanz




User of the day! Congrats!!

<3 People have asked me how rare it is. I mean, my account is close to 10 years old, but I'm not sure what qualifies someone to be randomly chosen, other than they've never been UotD before :)

Also, wow that clip looks amazing!

Oh thank you! Yeah Fynnland is one of those projects I simply can't drop. We have a lot of ideas going into it and it's just. so. pretty.

congrats on UOTD. longtime fan, look forward to seeing you grow!

Aw thanks! I look forward to posting new stuff too - battling the end of Flash took so much time haha

@Mistman7 @Zanzlanz yeah, i saw your updated site. its a really good feel!

Hey thanks again! Yes it's so blue haha - but I'm proud of how it turned out. It felt like building a new home for myself :)