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Zanzlanz's News

Posted by Zanzlanz - 2 weeks ago

Woo! A new Mine Blocks update is finally here! :D

Mine Blocks 1.29 is available on Newgrounds

There are new features with mobs, many new commands, splash potions, finally the ability to right-click to place blocks, and WAY more! Also there are two more Newgrounds medals to get!

Check out the full changelog here.

Here's the update video:

I also released a new music track for the occasion! Check out The Party Cactus:

In the long term, I'm going to be wrapping up development on my Haxe game engine soon. Then I will start porting the entirety of Mine Blocks to Haxe. It's going to be a huge task, but I'm hoping to make it count! :D

As for right now, I'm working on a 1.29.1 patch to fix some of the issues that came up already.

Until then, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

- Zanz



Posted by Zanzlanz - August 5th, 2019

I just released a massive redesign of my website!

Some of the new features include:

  • Support for mobile and small screen sizes;
  • A brand new doodles page for the unusual side-projects I make;
  • Support for the HTML5 ports of my Flash games when they're released;
  • An overhaul of the (still-closed) accounts system;
  • And certainly a LOT more!

Check out the full website tour below. It reveals what's new and shares some general web design tips! Also, Learndog!

I realized over the years that my website's original design was unintentionally quite similar to Newgrounds! But it's no secret Newgrounds has positively impacted my work and my life. <3

Also, for those of you waiting, next up is finally a Mine Blocks update!

Thanks for sticking around! <3

- Zanz




Posted by Zanzlanz - January 27th, 2019


"Boy I sure wonder what Zanzlanz has been up to. He hasn't released much in over a year!"
Well wonder no further! Here's my yearly projects video about how my plans and goals are going:

I've been making a lot of progress behind the scenes too!
Check out my traditional yearly recap post to see a month-to-month listing of my creations.

I look forward to appearing more active and having some cool stuff to release in the coming months and years :D

Hope everyone else has been well!
- Zanz



Posted by Zanzlanz - January 27th, 2018

Hey woah it's 2018 isn't it? :O

Here's my annual projects video:

And here's my yearly recap post on my website:

Have an amazing year everyone! <3

- Zanz


Posted by Zanzlanz - March 9th, 2017

Hey! I released and 8-minute chiptune dance track called "Hexagon and On" here on Newgrounds.

Check it out!


And here's the visualizer I created for it! It's made in Flash ActionScript 3.


Blublublub, it's now out on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and moar!!

Here are links to everything: http://zanzlanz.com/n/72#platforms

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy! <3
- Zanz

Posted by Zanzlanz - February 2nd, 2017

I just quickly wanted to say, in light of recent events concerning Geometry Dash, I've enabled ALL of my music to be usable for your Geometry Dash levels.
Thanks for making this finally possible, Tom! You handled this situation extremely well so far :D

Here's my catalog of music: http://zanzlanz.newgrounds.com/audio/

I've always wanted to see a Geometry Dash level for Everybody Growl or The Vault, and now I guess it's possible!

Thanks, and enjoy!
- Zanz

Posted by Zanzlanz - January 26th, 2017

Heyy! So I do this thing where I talk about my yearly plans!

Here's this year's video:



I also do a thing where I recap pretty much everything I did in the previous year.

Here's the one for 2016! http://zanzlanz.com/n/71

Hope things go really well for you this year! Please tell me your plans :D
- Zanz

Posted by Zanzlanz - October 8th, 2016

The Mine Blocks 1.28 update has released!

Check out the update video below, or read the full changelog! There's lots of new stuff, I hope you like it!

Play Mine Blocks on Newgrounds!

Hope you enjoy!! :D
- Zanz

Posted by Zanzlanz - July 16th, 2016

Today I released Vintage Powered, an album of crazy electronic rhythms inspired by chaos and excitement!

Two new tracks, Everybody Growl and The Vault were released today:


You can get the full 16-track album here:


Or listen to it all on Newgrounds! Or on YouTube! Or on SoundCloud!

Or on iTunes! Or on Spotify! Or on Google Play! Or on Amazon Prime! It's everywhere :)


I hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!
- Zanz

Posted by Zanzlanz - May 18th, 2016

Hi! Here's a quick tip for any Flash developers still out there!

In AS3, scrolling on the Flash Player will also scroll the page. The fix involving JavaScript injection is unhelpful because some sites don't allowScriptAccess, rendering the solution useless for most developers.

A better fix is to override the AS3 functionality with ActionScript 2 scrolling behavior. I present to you: Denis Kolyako's "MouseWheel" Class!

Here's my video explaining the solution:

Here's the download for the class: http://zanzlanz.com/YT/MouseWheel.as

I hope that helps someone!

- Zanz